Mutua K. Kobia
Global Health Advocate & Asst. Dir. GEO Program - Geneva, Switzerland
Mothers Legacy Project

The first time I developed a concern for women’s rights was during my political science and philosophy studies at Hope College (Class of ’07). I realized that the empowerment of women is key to peace yet unjust laws and treatment of girls and women as well as gender inequalities and inequities continue to exist. Addressing these issues at the political level is critical but just as important, or perhaps even more, is the work at the grass roots level.

The realization and understanding that women play a chief role towards achieving peaceful sustainable development inspired me to take a holistic approach in respect of women’s rights. On this basis I engage myself in various aspects of development to romote, advocate, and raise awareness on the issue of gender equality and the rights of women. Mental and maternal health, the environment, and human rights are some of the main issues that I am keen to play a continued role in. I also have a strong interest in the significant roles women play in indigenous communities around the world and wish to provide a creative platform to share their voices, concerns, and philosophies.

Since 2005 I have been working with Afton Beutler, particularly on the Global Education Opportunity (GEO) Program, which helps students address gender is sues at the grass roots and political level in various ways and fields of study. I also helped organize panels, make interventions, and participated in a number of NGO Committees. In 2013 I graduated from the Graduate School of Diplomacy with a Masters in International Relations. With the knowledge I have gained I wish to enhance the GEO Project as well as the Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Reduction Task Force (MMMRTF) and promote the philosophy and work of the MLP in Geneva, Switzerland.