A Mother’s Monument
Mothers Legacy Project

Mothers Monument statues

Honoring mothers & those who protect them by raising awareness of the multiple causes of maternal mortality.

 Maternal mortality remains one of the most devastating and preventable tragedies of our day — with nearly 90% of all deaths being preventable. Over the last 25 years the international community has been engaged in a monumental effort to reduce these deaths. Globally, maternal deaths have been reduced by nearly 50%, but the gains are not even and several countries – including the United States – are actually getting worse.

No country without a national action plan to address maternal mortality made progress preventing these avoidable deaths. Help us remember these women by building the first public memorial honor their lives and sacrifice. By bringing the discussion and tragedy of maternal mortality into the public sphere all of us will help raise the level cultural awareness about this problem and finally eliminate these preventable deaths.

Monument Overview

In this short video we are going to share with you Angela’s story. If you were a mother faced with this impossible situation what would go through your mind? When you first realize that life is slipping away what is the last thing that you would want to embrace? If you could look back on the life you are leaving behind what would capture your imagination and give you peace? What would you expect of those who are left behind?


Do we remember these women?


Why a monument? In short, because the problem is bigger than a shortfall in resources. Every country with low or rapidly falling death rates has an established national action plan. Whether you know it or not you are part of the solution in more ways that you can imagine. The more engaged we become as a country to address this issue the more effective our efforts will become. Public memorials draw attention to causes, values and hopes and they help teach us how to respond. Across the globe, our cities, parks, and museums are covered with paintings and monuments erected to honor the courage and sacrifice of soldiers, civil rights and political leaders, but there is nothing to honor those that have given birth to nations.   For more details about the project visit:  www.mothersmonument.org