Welcome to the Mothers Legacy Project

We are addressing the most pressing issues identified by the United Nations as facing  the well being of women with an emphasis focus on maternal mortality.  We work at the United Nations in New York and in Geneva, Switzerland where we participate in the Commission on the Status of Women and serve hand in hand with other nongovernmental agencies and nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping families worldwide.


Our ultimate goal is to decrease maternal mortality around the world is to memorialize mothers who have died, thus increasing public awareness and strengthening the collective resolve needed to unite communities in action for the benefit and protection of mothers. We will transform how societies address maternal mortality and thereby save lives, one community at a time.


Did You Know?
Maternal Mortality
Maternal Mortality remains one of the most devastating and preventable tragedies of our day. It is estimated that upwards of ninety percent( 90%) of all maternal deaths are preventable.
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Current Projects
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    Lost Mothers: Maternal Mortality in the U.S.

    Nina Martin, reporter for PROPUBLICA special series has excellent videos and live radio shows reporting

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    CSW 66

      We are honored to present a panel at the CSW 66 this year:   

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    A Mother’s Monument

    Honoring mothers & those who protect them by raising awareness of the multiple causes of maternal

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